New Buyer Well Inspections

Congratulations -- you’ve just bought a new house!  Now the real work begins.

In addition to all the work that goes into the escrow process, including appraisals and inspections, if you’ve bought a home with a well or independent water system, there are a separate set of inspections you are legally mandated to perform.

While many mortgage companies require that a water test is performed on a home with a well, this doesn’t necessarily take into account the water well system as a whole.  Not only do you need to know the quality of your water, but you also want to make sure that your entire system is up to code (including your filtration system and pumps), as well as identify any issues or potential issues before they arise.

At Ralph’s Pump & Well, we are committed to helping our clients and customers get the service they need with the quality they trust.  This includes performing all the tasks associated with inspecting wells, water pumps, and water filtration systems before homeowners fully commit to a new home.  Our certified technicians will not only perform a water safety test and pump flow test for the existing system, but will also inspect the operation of the water well and its mechanical and electrical components. We will provide a detailed report with description, condition and functionality of the well, as well as a quote for any repairs that may be needed.

Well Inspections

Our well inspection process includes several tasks, all of which we will perform completely and professionally.  We will inspect your water purification system, well water treatment system, water pressure booster pumps, or tank system and make sure they are all running properly.

Our process includes:
  • Mechanical assessment of the well head and water filtration unit;
  • Water testing including bacteria, arsenic and nitrate;
  • A flow test to determine system output of your water system;
  • A check of the water level before and during pumping;
  • Inspection of water system pump motor performance (amp load, grounding, and line voltage), pressure tank and pressure switch contact, and general water quality (odor, cloudiness, etc.);
  • Expected life span and age of well.

When you’re buying a home, you want to make sure that you have peace of mind about every aspect of the home, including the quality of the water from the well system on the property.  Ralph’s Pump & Well is committed to performing well inspections safely and professionally, ensuring your peace of mind about your water and well system.  Call us today!  We are proud to service commercial and residential water treatment systems, Seattle as well as both North King and Snohomish Counties.